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What is a Business Letter?

A business letter is a formal document used in professional communication between individuals or organizations. It typically follows a specific format and structure, including the sender's address, date, recipient's address, salutation, body, closing, and signature. Business letters are used for a variety of purposes, such as making inquiries, requesting information, submitting proposals, and conveying important messages. They are often written in a professional tone and should be concise, clear, and free of errors.


How to Write a Business Letter?

Writing a business letter involves following a specific format and structure. Here are the basic steps to write a business letter:

1. Start with your contact information: Include name, job title, company name, and address at the top of the letter.

2. Add the date: Include the date on the right-hand side below your contact information.

3. Include recipient's contact information: Add the recipient's name, job title, company name, and address below the date.

4. Write a formalutation: Address the recipient by name (if known) with a formal salutation such as "Dear Mr./Ms. [Last Name],"

5. Write the body of the letter: Clearly state the purpose of the in the letter first paragraph. Provide details, explanations, or requests in the following paragraphs. Keep the tone professional and concise.

6. Close the letter: End the letter with a formal such as closing "Sincerely" or "Best regards," followed by your signature and printed name.

7. Proofread and edit: Review the letter for any errors in grammar, spelling content is clear and, or punctuation. Make sure the professional.

8. Format the letter: Use a standard font (such as Times New Roman or Arial) and size (12 pt). Keep margins at 1 inch all sides on.

9. Print and send the letter: Print the letter onhead company letter if available, sign it, and send it through the appropriate channels (mail, email, etc.).

By following these steps, you can create a well-structured and professional business letter for various purposes.


Free Business Letter Templates and Samples:

The list below provides 120 free busniess letter templates and samples for you to create your own letters and documents. You can also download our professional business letter making software to get over 3100+ ready-to-use free business letters and premium letters.


Agreement >> Confidentiality >> Confidential Information Agreement

Agreement >> Consignment >> Consignment Agreement

Agreement >> Contract >> Cancel Contract for sales

Agreement >> Debt >> Agreement to Compromise Debt

Agreement >> Development >> Contract for Home Maintenance or Extensive Repairs

Agreement >> Employment >> Employee Invention Agreement

Agreement >> Equipment >> Contract For Processing With Supplied Materials

Agreement >> Guarantee >> Guarantee

Agreement >> Infringement >> Adjoining Landowners' Encroachment

Agreement >> Modified Terms >> A letter based on the modification agreement

Agreement >> Non Disclosure >> Non-Disclosure Agreement 1

Agreement >> Pest Control >> Pest Control Service Agreement

Agreement >> Realty >> Agreement for Acquisition of Purchase Option

Agreement >> Recycle >> Recycle Classified

Agreement >> Release >> Photo and Recording Release

Agreement >> Security >> Security Agreement

Agreement >> Trademark >> Assignment of trademark

Apology >> Account >> Apology and explanation for a mistake on a account

Apology >> Jobs >> Sorry I don't want the job right now

Authorization >> Family >> A post nuptial agreement letter

Authorization >> Health and Medical >> Declaration as to medical or surgical treatment

Authorization >> Patent >> An authorized distribution of MS software

Authorization >> Profession >> Contract for sales and purchases

Authorization >> Taxes >> Vendor Tax Information

Authorization >> Warranty >> An indemnification agreement

Authorization >> Will & Trusts >> A letter of a joint and mutual will

Business Proposal >> Aid >> May I help you with your data processing needs

Business Proposal >> Business >> A letter introducing a customer to their company

Business Proposal >> Catalog >> Offer to buy the computer magazine list

Business Proposal >> Employment >> I hope you accept the job I'm offering you

Business Proposal >> Financial >> I'll help you with you're taxes (tax consultant)

Business Proposal >> Insurance >> Insurance Binder

Business Proposal >> Mailing >> PD Software mailing list

Business Proposal >> Products >> Letter of Encouragement to Sales Staff

Business Proposal >> Socializing >> Let's meet and discuss public relations

Business Relationship >> Business >> Acknowledgement of Unsolicited Idea

Business Relationship >> Discount >> Customer Incentive Program Announcement

Business Relationship >> Names >> Sorry, you may not use our name for your campaign

Complain Letters >> Cancel >> Cancel due to the bad service of the salesperson

Employee >> Employee >> Affirmative Action Commitment - Letter to Employees

Employee >> Employment >> Application for Employment (Type A)

Employee >> Retirements >> Negotiating Strategies to Maximize Severance Pay and Retirement Benefits

Legal Agreement >> Account >> A bank loan agreement letter

Legal Agreement >> Adoptions >> Adoption Agreement - Adult (Type 1)

Legal Agreement >> Confidentiality >> Confidentiality agreement between two firms

Legal Agreement >> Copyright >> A letter explaining the illustration agreement

Legal Agreement >> Financial >> A letter about a collection agreement

Legal Agreement >> Franchises >> Additional Franchise Symbols to Be Used

Legal Agreement >> Litigation >> Example of Lawyer's Business Litigation Retainer Agreement

Legal Agreement >> Marriage >> Agreement for Remarriage

Legal Agreement >> Medical >> Artificial Insemination Between Husband, Wife and Donor Identity Of Donor Known

Legal Agreement >> Mutual release >> Mutual Release

Legal Agreement >> Promissory Note >> A letter dealing with a promissory note

Legal Agreement >> Reciprocal Trade >> Reciprocal trade agreement contract

Legal Agreement >> Release >> A letter relative to a photo release

Legal Agreement >> Service >> A catering service agreement

Legal Agreement >> Settlement >> A letter about a pre-divorce agreement

Legal Agreement >> Software license >> A software maintenance agreement

Legal Agreement >> Understanding >> A letter based on a contingent fee retainer

Legal Agreement >> Wills >> A personal information of [person]

Legal Business >> Appreciation >> Thank you for letting us serve you in our company

Legal Business >> Articles >> A letter on the articles of incorporation

Legal Business >> Contracts >> Automobile short form of contract of sale

Legal Business >> Credit Card >> A Cardholder's Inquiry about a billing error

Legal Business >> Employee >> A employment contract letter

Legal Business >> Employment >> A letter based on a employment agreement

Legal Business >> Firms >> A letter based on a corporate resolution

Legal Business >> Fiscal >> A promissory note based on simple interest

Legal Business >> Overdue >> A letter about a collection demand letter

Legal Business >> Sales >> A letter about the bill of sale

Legal Business >> Shareholder >> Come join us for the annual stock holders meeting

Legal Business >> Transaction >> A letter based on the issues of a general release

Legal Business >> Wage >> Memorandum, employee automobile expense allowance

Payments >> Checks >> Check returned due to insufficient funds

Payments >> Credit >> Business credit application 1

Payments >> Payment >> Amortization Schedule-Fixed Payments

Payments >> Return >> Notice Authorizing the Return of Goods

Professional Legal Letters >> Affidavit >> A letter concerning about an affidavit

Professional Legal Letters >> Apology >> A letter agreeing to provide services

Professional Legal Letters >> Bids >> Bid for the purchase of real property

Professional Legal Letters >> Financial >> A letter about a release of a lien

Professional Legal Letters >> Information >> Letter discussing the board of directors meeting

Professional Letters >> Application >> Application for Trademark Registration (Individual)

Professional Letters >> Claim >> Notice of Sale - Disposition of Proceeds

Professional Letters >> Congratulation >> Complementing on one's great design studio

Professional Letters >> Credit >> Authorization to Release Credit Information

Professional Letters >> Evaluation >> Call me about my resume

Professional Letters >> Goodwill >> Best wishes to you and your family (Christmas)

Professional Letters >> Inquiry >> Enclosed catalog has information about product

Professional Letters >> Insurance >> Insurance Claim Notice

Professional Letters >> Membership >> Please join our organization, we have many allies

Professional Letters >> Order >> (Apology) Not established foreign distribution

Professional Letters >> Problem >> Complaint about no document for product

Professional Letters >> Publish >> I'm here to get your company more publicity

Professional Letters >> Purchase >> Buy my new letter book

Professional Letters >> Response >> Asking customer on how they like their products

Professional Letters >> Status >> A Brief Explanation of Accounting

Promotion >> Business >> A club for traveling business people

Promotion >> Improvements >> Promotional Letter, Public Relations

Promotion >> Product >> Introducing the new furniture store

Requests >> Credit >> Credit check on an applicant

Requests >> Employment >> I would like to apply for a teaching certificate

Requests >> Products >> Due to the forecast, your item will arrive earlier

Resume >> Administrative >> Response to a job offering as a administrative

Resume >> Art Director >> Sending a resume for a opening as a art director

Resume >> Computer (Management) >> Applying a resume for a job in computer sales

Resume >> Computer (Technical) >> A resume for computer technology applications

Resume >> Customer Service >> Request to a opening job that deals with customers

Resume >> General >> A original resume from [person] to [firm] 1

Resume >> Laborer >> Sending a resume for a job as a general laborer

Resume >> Secretary >> Request for a job as a secretary

Resume >> Technician Department >> Sending a resume for a job at the technician firm

Sales Letters >> Catalog Sales >> Catalog for consumers to skim through

Sales Letters >> Guarantee >> Guarantee of advice and instructions

Sales Letters >> Low Price >> Accumulation of discounts for customers

Sales Letters >> Public Offer >> Advertising deals for appliances

Thank >> Account >> Thanks for picking our bank to handle your account

Thank >> Jobs >> Thanks for asking about the job

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