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What is a Letter of Promotion?

A promotional letter is a formal document that a company uses to advertise or promote its products, services, or special offers to potential customers. It is typically sent via mail or email and aims to attract customers' attention, generate interest in the offerings, and encourage them to take action, such as making a purchase or visiting a store. Promotional letters often include details about the products or services being promoted, discounts or special deals, and a call to action, such as contacting the company or visiting a website. The goal of a promotional letter is to increase sales, build brand awareness, and create customer loyalty through targeted marketing communication.

A Free Letter of Promotion

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Promotional Letter, Public Relations


Did Ponce de Leon really discover a fountain of youth in
Florida or did he merely have a great public relations man?
We will probably never know the true answer to this
question just as so many questions still remain about so
many historic people and happenings because word of mouth
has the tremendous power of creating legends of its own.

We have mounted campaigns for relatively obscure firms that
have resulted in their becoming known and sought out as major
entities in their respective fields of industry. Through the
placement of articles in local and national publications, in
conjunction with an advertising campaign, these firms have
achieved the recognition and place within the industry that
would have taken many years to achieve without a public
relations promotion.

We would appreciate having the opportunity to speak with you
personally and discuss some of our ideas for promoting (name
of company) Please call me at (telephone) in order to set
up a convenient time for me to come and see you.

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