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What is a Letter of Business Proposal?

A business proposal letter is a document that sent to a potential client or business partner to propose a business idea, product, or service. It is a formal way of introducing your business and outlining the benefits of working together. The letter typically includes a brief introduction of the sender's company, a description of the proposed project or partnership, and the benefits that the recipient will gain from the collaboration.

The purpose of a business proposal letter is to persuade the recipient to take action, such as entering into a partnership, purchasing a product, or investing in a project. It should be clear, concise, and persuasive, highlighting the key selling points of the proposal and demonstrating why the recipient should consider it.

A well-written business proposal letter can help you stand out from the competition, showcase your professionalism, and build credibility with potential clients or partners. It is important to tailor the letter the specific to needs and interests of the recipient, and to clearly communicate how your proposal can address their challenges or help them achieve their goals.

Overall, a business proposal letter is a powerful tool for initiating business relationships and securing new opportunities for growth and success.

A Free Letter of Business Proposal

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_________________[Street Address]

_________________[City, State, Zip Code]

_________________[Phone Number]

_________________[Fax Number]

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are a leading shareware distributor and an ASP member for IBM PC and Macintosh since __________[Year]. We are advertising in MacWorld, PC World, Home Office Computing and Compute! Magazine.

I am writing this to offer to buy the lists you get from the computer magazines every month. You can use the sticky labels yourself and just send us the paper. Then we will pay you five cents per name. Please do not count in the lists from foreign countries: We only need names in U. S. A. If you call and let us know how many names, we will pay half in advance and pay the rest when we get the paper from you.

Or if you do not want to sell the lists and want to keep the lists, but do not want to labor typing the names all over, we can transform the names still on paper into the database format and send you a floppy disk. This way it will work to the advantage of both of us. Otherwise, you can exchange with our mailing list. We have 86,000 IBM PC and 23,000 Macintosh customer lists.

Please give me a call at ___________________[Phone Number] and let us find out which will work best for both of us.

Thank you




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