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Keep Your Child Safe Online. Who are they talking to for so long on the computer? What are they saying? Are they exploring things on the Internet that a child shouldn't explore? Our computer spy software is a perfect parental control software that helps you protect your children by closely monitoring their activities.

Shocking Internet Child Monitoring Statistics

Is Your Child Being Naughty Online?

Children and teenagers are using the Internet more than ever before. If you suspect that your teenager is being naughty on potentially dangerous web sites and apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp then you are probably correct. Take a look at these statistics compiled from various child safety studies.

* 86% of CHILDREN can chat online without their parents' knowledge.

* 64% of TEENS do things online they don't want their parents to know about.

* 50% of TEENS communicate online with someone they have never met.

* 30% of TEENAGED GIRLS are sexually solicited inside a chat room.

* 58% of PARENTS monitor what their child does in online chat rooms.

The results confirmed what was already known: Although the Internet is a wonderfully fun and educational tool, it can also be very dangerous. Many children use social-networking sites to talk to friends and others online. But some abuse the technology to post things that their parents can't see. This can open your entire family up to a world of danger if left unchecked.

Does your child be seem eager to be at the PC when nobody else is around? If so then there's a chance that they are doing something they don't want you to know about.

According to one the surveys mentioned above, one in five youth whom regularly use the Internet received sexual solicitations or approaches during a 1-year period. The survey also found that offenses and offenders are more diverse than previously thought. In addition to pedophiles, other predators use the Internet. Nearly half of the offenders were other youth, and one-fourth were females.

Further, 77 percent of targeted youth were age 14 or older - not an age characteristically targeted by pedophiles. Although the youth stopped most solicitations by leaving the Web site or blocking the sender, the survey confirmed that some youth are particularly vulnerable to online advances.

Solutions to the Problem

Are you worried that your child might be exploring forbidden areas of the Internet? Who are they talking to for so long in those chats? Is your child SAFE online?

These types of activities can be monitored and eliminated. Power Spy software can be used to thwart online predators. It is a perfect child monitoring software that will allow you to find out for sure. With Power Spy, you will be able to have your child's activities emailed to you INSTANTLY after they happen. This allows you to know instantly so you can take action before its too late.

Power Spy records content of your children's Internet activities to help ensure their online safety. Everything they do online will be recorded so you can view it later. This includes chats, emails sent and received, web sites visited and more.

The software can be hidden from others OR you can install it as a normal program. It will be password-protected either way. Power Spy helps protect thousands of children around the globe. We invite you to use it to protect your kids as well.

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