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What is a Letter of Business Proposal?

A business proposal letter is a document that sent to a potential client or business partner to propose a business idea, product, or service. It is a formal way of introducing your business and outlining the benefits of working together. The letter typically includes a brief introduction of the sender's company, a description of the proposed project or partnership, and the benefits that the recipient will gain from the collaboration.

The purpose of a business proposal letter is to persuade the recipient to take action, such as entering into a partnership, purchasing a product, or investing in a project. It should be clear, concise, and persuasive, highlighting the key selling points of the proposal and demonstrating why the recipient should consider it.

A well-written business proposal letter can help you stand out from the competition, showcase your professionalism, and build credibility with potential clients or partners. It is important to tailor the letter the specific to needs and interests of the recipient, and to clearly communicate how your proposal can address their challenges or help them achieve their goals.

Overall, a business proposal letter is a powerful tool for initiating business relationships and securing new opportunities for growth and success.

A Free Letter of Business Proposal

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__________________[Company Name]


Dear ASP Vendor:

This note is to introduce you to our company.

We are newly authorized ASP vendors but our chief endeavor is that of a CD-ROM publisher.

Several years ago we published a CD-ROM called __________________[Name], which was well received. We have just published another CD called _____________________[Name]. Both of these CDs have a limited number of shareware programs on the premise that it is better to have a few of the very best shareware programs instead of thousands of the available programs on a CD but very difficult to locate.

On both of our CDs each program has a complete review as well as the name and address of the author and registration fee.

The CD-ROM market is expanding; we are adding more distributors and would like to know if you are interested in distributing CD-ROM products for us. The products are not limited to shareware, but include a variety of CD titles in both the PC and MAC world.

We distribute CD-ROMs for ____________________[Company Names] as well as our own titles. Over ________________[Number] titles are available through our organization at favorable discounts.

Please call or fax us as to terms and conditions if you are interested.

Very Truly Yours,



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