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Absolute Folder Hider is a free yet powerful tool to hide your sensitive files, videos, photos and confidential business documents on your computer. You can instantly make your files and folders invisible, inaccessible and protect them from modification or removal. The application is protected by a login password you setup after installation. That makes it impossible for others to access the app. What's more interesting? For each file, folder or USB drive, you can set a seperate password to lock it up, which provides double safety insurance. Installing the app is easy and fast, after that you will intuitively know what to do when looking at its user-friendly interface.

The app is free for lifetime. It means you can use it to hide your files, folders and USD drive on as many computers as you like and for as many years as you like. However, you can still pay a small fee to upgrade it to Pro version to enjoy its advanced features, like encryption. The app provides flexible options to encrypt your files: best, standard and fastest, which provides different levels of data protection. Encrypted files can not be opened or read even you tell others such files hidden on the PC. Only you can access these files with your passwords.


Add files, folders, USB drives to a list

Completely hide or unhide selected files, folders, USB drives

Encrypt selected files or folders (Pro version only)

Protect program login with password

Lock hidden items by password locks

User friendly interface. Hide items with just a few mouse clicks

100% freeware, free upgrades and free technical support, for a lifetime

100% spyware / adware / virus free

Premium techinical support (Pro version only)


Click Download button the info page to open download page. Check system requirements to make sure your device meet the needs.

Download and install the app on the device you want to use. Setup a login password at first time run. Enter the password to log in its interface.

Add files or folders into the app's list box. Click Hide / Encrypt button to make it work immediately.


The phenomenon of hiding digital data is as old as the computer systems they reside on. Information hiding is an ancient art, for example, writing a hidden message with invisible ink. File and folder hiding on computers is often just the modern day application of existing principles. Absolute Folder Hider is a practice of modern data hiding technology at application layer. It creates a highly hidden space on the computer to store your private data. As the space is invisible to users, anyone except you can know its existence. This is especially useful if you have to share your PC with someone who is good at peeping. They won't even be able to know where to look for these files and what they should look for.

Some users may ask: Since Windows BitLocker encrypts folders and make it inaccessible, why I still need Absolute Folder Hider to hide and encrypt my files? BitLocker is actually pretty good. It is integrated to the OS, it does its job well, and is really simple to operate. However, there are still several situations it can not cover. (1) At least two partitions are required to run BitLocker because pre-startup authentication. If you only have one partition on the computer, it won't work. (2) Windows allows you to lock files and folders on NTFS volumes only. FAT and exFAT formats are not supported. (3) It is only available on Windows Pro edition. If you are running a Home edition, you can't use this feature. (4) It doesn't allow file level password protection. It only has an authentication at user logon. Therefore, if you are using a shared Windows account but still want to protect files and folders, unfortunately there is just nothing BitLock can do about it. (5) It won't protect your files from being peeked at from internet when you have already signed in your account and you are online.

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