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Increase Employee Discipline. Are your employees wasting time online? Are they playing games or surfing while they should be working? Our computer s py software helps you take back control of the time your employee spends on a PC.

Shocking employee statistics and monitoring information.

Employee Internet Abuse Diminishes Productivity

The Internet has proven itself to be an addictive distraction for employees. If you suspect your company's productivity is suffering because of wasteful employee Internet use, then keep reading. While many employees choose to use the Internet for work-related purposes only, others decide to abuse the luxury of having Internet access at their workstation. Take a look at these results from a recent NUA Survey.

* 67% of EMPLOYEES admitted using the Internet for personal reasons.

* 30% of BUSINESSES were losing a work-day per week to Internet abuse.

* 57% of BUSINESSES didn't know what their employees did online.

* 78% of BUSINESSES blocked employees from specific web sites.

This Internet abuse could cost your company thousands of lost work hours and productivity. When you "trust" an employee to only do actual work on their workstation, you open yourself up for a great loss, especially in Call Centers , Data Entry Centers and other open-space offices. Imagine an employee left alone in their office or cubicle. What do they do once you are gone? Do they perform work like they are supposed to? Or do they play games and perform other NON-WORK related tasks? Do you know what they are doing online all day?

Solutions to the Problem

As an employer, you can easily monitor employees within Power Spy. This software can perform various monitoring and administration tasks. Check up on a user instantly by viewing their logs, or view past recorded activity such as documents opened, web sites visited and more.

Proven very effective, Power Spy software can help you increase productivity and maintain employee discipline. It is your right to monitor your employees on a company PC. This takes the guesswork out of knowing how your employees are spending their time while they are supposed to be working.

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