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What is a Letter of Authorization?

A letter of authorization is a document that grants permission for someone else to act on your behalf in a specific. This could include authorizing someone to make decisions, sign documents, or access information on your behalf.

The letter typically includes the name of the person being authorized, the specific actions they are allowed to take and any limitations or conditions that apply. It may also include the duration of the authorization, such as a one-time permission for a specific task or an ongoing authorization for a longer period of time.

Letters of authorization are commonly used in a variety of situations, such as allowing a family member to pick up a package on your behalf, granting a friend permission to access your bank account while you are out of town, or authorizing a lawyer to represent you in a legal matter.

It is important to carefully consider who you are authorizing and the scope of their authority before issuing a letter of authorization. It is also advisable to keep a copy of the letter for your records and to ensure that the person being authorized understands their responsibilities and. Additionally obligations, some organizations may require the letter to be not to verify itsarized authenticity.

A Free Letter of Authorization

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___________________[Street Address]

___________________[City, State, Zip Code]


Certified Mail/Return Receipt Requested


_____________________[Street Address]

_____________________[City, State, Zip Code]

Attention Owner:

Re: Unauthorized Distribution of Microsoft Software

Dear Owner:

This law firm represents Microsoft Corporation. It has come to Microsoft's attention that _____________________[Name of Company] is distributing as "standalone" products that are portrayed as "legitimate" OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) versions of Microsoft ________________[Product Name]. By "standalone" we mean that the software is offered to your customer without a personal computer manufactured by the OEM that is licensed to distribute the Microsoft OEM _____________________[Product Name]. Microsoft would like to take this opportunity to explain why such distribution is not legitimate and why dealing in standalone software could expose your company to liability.

Microsoft grants license to OEMs around the world authorizing them to distribute ________________[Product Name] with the personal computers that the OEM manufactures. All Microsoft Corporation licensed OEMs are prohibited from distributing such Microsoft software on a "standalone" basis. The OEM's license also requires it to guarantee that others in the OEM's distribution channel abide by this condition. "Standalone" distribution of OEM software is a violation of the OEM's license agreement and federal copyright laws.

You should also be aware that a substantial portion of the Microsoft OEM software distributed in a standalone manner is counterfeit. If you regularly engage in the standalone distribution of Microsoft OEM __________________[Product Name], it is likely that eventually you will be engaging in the distribution of counterfeit OEM software. We hope that you will not further expose your business to the risks of this illegal activity. Microsoft-authorized Delivery Service Partners are your assured sources for genuine Microsoft OEM software.

Microsoft hereby notifies you that it reserves the right to pursue all legal remedies available to prevent any further distribution of "standalone" OEM software by your company. Microsoft Corporation would like to work with you to satisfy your need for legitimate product.

If you have any questions concerning the above, please contact me directly by dialing _______________________[Phone Number]. In addition, we request that you provide any information (including invoices) concerning the sources of the unlicensed Microsoft OEM product. For licensing information, please contact Microsoft OEM department at ________________________[Phone number]. In addition, for more information regarding Microsoft's efforts to combat software piracy, please visit the Microsoft Piracy homepage on the World Wide Web at ____________________________________________[Web page address].




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