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What is a Letter of Authorization?

A letter of authorization is a document that grants permission for someone else to act on your behalf in a specific. This could include authorizing someone to make decisions, sign documents, or access information on your behalf.

The letter typically includes the name of the person being authorized, the specific actions they are allowed to take and any limitations or conditions that apply. It may also include the duration of the authorization, such as a one-time permission for a specific task or an ongoing authorization for a longer period of time.

Letters of authorization are commonly used in a variety of situations, such as allowing a family member to pick up a package on your behalf, granting a friend permission to access your bank account while you are out of town, or authorizing a lawyer to represent you in a legal matter.

It is important to carefully consider who you are authorizing and the scope of their authority before issuing a letter of authorization. It is also advisable to keep a copy of the letter for your records and to ensure that the person being authorized understands their responsibilities and. Additionally obligations, some organizations may require the letter to be not to verify itsarized authenticity.

A Free Letter of Authorization

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DECLARATION PROVIDED BY ___________________________________________


I ________________[Name], being of sound mind and at least eighteen years ofage, direct that my life shall not be artificially prolonged underthe circumstances set forth below and hereby declare that:

1. If at any time my attending physician and one other physiciancertify in writing that:

a. I have an injury, disease, or illness which is not curable or reversible and which, in their judgment, is a terminal condition; and

b. For a period of forty-eight consecutive hours or more, Ihave been unconscious, comatose, or otherwise incompetent so as tobe unable to make or communicate responsive decisions concerningmy person; then, I direct that life-sustaining procedures shall be withdrawnand withheld, it being understood that life-sustaining proceduresshall not include any medical procedure or intervention fornourishment or considered necessary by the attending physician toprovide comfort or alleviate pain.

2. I execute this declaration, as my free and voluntary act, this ___________________ day of _____________________, 20______. By ___________________________________ [ Declarant ]

The foregoing instrument was signed and declared by ___________[Name] to be his declaration, in the presence of us, who, in his presence, in the presence of each other, and at his request havesigned our names below as witnesses, and we declare that, at thetime of the execution of this instrument, the declarant, according to our best knowledge and belief, was of sound mind andunder no constraint or undue influence.

Dated at_________[City], ____________[State], this ___________ day of _____________________________________, 20________.

________________________________________________________ Name and address

________________________________________________________ Name and address

STATE OF____________

COUNTY of__________________

Subscribed and sworn to before me by _______________[Name], the declarant, and __________________________________, and ____________________________________, witnesses, as the voluntary act and deed of the declarant, this ________________ day of ____________________ 20________.

________________________________________ Notary Public

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