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Best letter-making software for marketing managers, home businesses, consultants, accountants, secretaries, customer service, HR managers, and CEOs. Business Letter Professional includes more than 3100+ typical business letter templates. With this software, you don't have to hire a business letter expert to write for you, because you can write impressive and effective letters yourself with strengthened skills, less time and no extra money cost. The embedded text editor in this program allows you to edit, copy, paste, search, preview and save your letters. It also enables you to set an external e-mail program to send your finished letters directly. Take it home and start the easy steps now!

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Accounting & Finance: raise capital, apply for grants, improve accounting methods, sell or buy shares, and improve your relationship with your banker.

Complain & Apology: complain about goods and bad service, eliminate misunderstandings, stop illegal use of properties, and explain mistakes on customer service.

Cooperate & Legal: protect your Intellectual Property, protect company secrets, better negotiate your office lease, and use By-laws, shareholders Agreement & Articles of Incorporation to setup your business.

Marketing & Sales: increase your sales with better communication, improve response time to customer inquiries, plan a marketing campaign, send a press release, and sign distribution/partnership deals.

Personnel & Employees: hire/fire employees, contractors and consultants, write detailed company policies and procedures, prepare professional job descriptions, conduct personnel evaluations, manage your workforce, and sign confidentiality agreements.

Proposal & Request: request and sign agreements reselling products, and expand your market reach with co-branding opportunities and affiliate marketing.

Thanks & Greetings: congratulate success of cooperation, express satisfaction with certain products or service, notice new customer account opening and acceptance of suggestion or affiliation, and give greeting on a special day.

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Infringement, Assignment, Trademark, Deed of Trust, Debt, Confidentiality, Contract, Consignment, Employment, Equipment, Guarantee, Subordination, Security, Pest Control, Modified Terms, Development, Recycle, Release, Non Disclosure, Realty


Defects, Attendance, Money, Shipping, Merchandise, Account, Service, Jobs


Family, Health and Medical, Warranty, Claim, Taxes, Patent

Business Proposal:

Insurance, Mailing, Socializing, Products, Employment, Financial, Catalog, Aid, Business

Business Relationship:

Sales, Names, Partnership, Discount, Business

Complain Letters:

Cancel, Defect


Benefit, Employee, Employment, Job, Retirements, Resignation

Legal Agreement:

Confidentiality, Software license, Minor, Reciprocal Trade, Promissory Note, Account, Sole trading, Mutual release, Copyright, Release, Financial, Settlement, Service, Understanding

Legal Business:

Payment, Credit Card, Firms, Overdue, Shareholder, Transaction, Contracts, Articles, Sales, Fiscal, Appreciation, Employee, Employment, Wage, Payments


Payment, Return, Credit Card, Checks, Credit

Professional Legal Letters:

Inquiry, Apology, Charge account, Confirmation, Information, References, Affidavit, Bids, Financial, Policy

Professional Letters:

Announcement, Application, Certificate, Charge Account, Claim, Confirmation, Congratulation, Credit, Deal, Delivery, Evaluation, Goodwill, Greeting, Information, Inquiry, Invitation, Location, Order, Performance, Personal Relationship, Problem, Publish, Purchase, References, Remind, Response, Status, Account, Insurance, Membership


Improvements, Business, Product, Location


Credit, Financial, Products, Magazines, Refund, Assistance, Employment, Customer, Account, Mail


Computer (Technical), Computer (Management), Bookeeping / Clerical, Programmer / Analyst, Administrative, Secretary, General, Laborer, Customer Service, Technician Department, Art Director

Sales Letters:

Catalog Sales, Free Gift, Greeting Leads, Guarantee, Insurance, Low Price, Membership, New Products, Promotion, Public Offer, Retail, Rush, Second Chance, Solicit Donation, Value


Jobs, Account, Business, Financial, Appreciation

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