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What is a Letter of Legal Business?

A letter of legal business is a formal written communication that is typically sent by a law firm or legal department on behalf of a business or organization. This type of letter is used to address legal matters, such as contracts, disputes, compliance issues, or any other legal concerns that may arise in the course of conducting business.

A letter of legal business is usually written in a professional tone and format, and it may include legal terminology and references to relevant laws or regulations. The purpose of the letter is to clearly communicate the legal position or requirements of the business, and to provide guidance or instructions on how to proceed in a legal matter.

In addition to providing legal advice or information, a letter of legal business may also be used to formalize agreements or contracts, to notify parties of legal actions or decisions, or to request or provide information in legal proceedings. These letters are important documents that can help protect the legal rights and interests of a business, and can serve as evidence in legal disputes or negotiations.

Overall, a letter of legal business is a crucial tool for businesses to ensure compliance with the law, protect their legal interests, and effectively communicate legal matters with other parties.

A Free Letter of Legal Business

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1. I/We, ________________[Name] Seller(s), hereby sell(s) the goods described in paragraph 2 to ______________[Name] , Buyer(s).

2. The goods being sold under this bill of sale are as follows: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[Give as Accurate a Description of the Property as is Necessary to Clearly Identify it.]

3. The agreed upon purchase price for said goods is __________________________________________[Write in Words the Amount ($___________.___)] This is the full amount of the purchase, except for the following agreed upon costs that are to be borne by the buyer: _______________________________________________________________________________________[Include here any Costs Such as Shipping, Handling, Insurance, Taxes, etc.]

4. The buyer(s) have paid to the seller(s) the following:

( ) The full purchase price.

( ) ______________________________________[Write in Words the Amount, ($_____________.___)], As the down payment on the purchase price, the balance due on or before ____________[Date].

( ) ______________________________________[Write in Words the Amount, ($_____________.___)], As the down payment and the buyer(s) have/has executed a promissory note for ________________________________________[Write in Words the Amount, ($______________.___)]

5. The Seller(s) warrant(s) that the above described goods are of marketable title, and that the above described property is free of all liens and encumbrances except those that are set forth as follows: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[DESCRIBE].

6. Seller sells the goods "as is."

7. Seller(s) believe(s) the goods to be in good condition except for the following defects:_______________________________________________________________


8. Other than the warranty of ownership in clause 5 and the representations in clause 7, the Seller(s) make(s) no express warranty. In particular the Seller(s) disclaim the implied warranty of merchantability and all other implied warranties which may apply to the extent that such disclaimers are allowed in the state having jurisdiction over this bill of sale.

Goods shall be delivered to buyer(s) in the following manner: _____________________________________________________________________[Describe the Agreed upon Manner of Delivery].

9. Special terms: INCLUDE ONLY IF NECESSARY._____________________________________________________________________[Describe]

DATE: __________[Date] DATE: __________[Date]

SIGNATURE: ________________ SIGNATURE: _________________

ADDRESS: __________________ ADDRESS: ___________________ __________________ ___________________


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