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What is a Letter of Thanks?

A letter of thanks, also known as a thank-you letter, is a written expression of gratitude and appreciation to someone for their kindness, help, support, or a thoughtful gesture. It is a way to acknowledge and show gratitude towards the recipient for their actions or assistance. Thank-you letters can be sent for various reasons, such as after receiving a gift, following a job interview, expressing appreciation for a recommendation, or thanking someone for their hospitality. A well-written thank-you letter is personalized, sincere, and specific about what you are thankful for. It should convey genuine appreciation and highlight the impact of the recipient's actions on you. Thank-you letters are considered a polite and thoughtful way to express gratitude and strengthen relationships. They can leave a positive impression on the recipient and show that you value their efforts or generosity. Thank-you letters can be sent via email, handwritten notes, or printed letters depending on the situation and your preference. Overall, a letter of thanks is a simple yet powerful gesture that can help nurture relationships, build goodwill, and show appreciation for the kindness and support received.

A Free Letter of Thank

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_______________________[Street Address]

_______________________[City, State, Zip Code]



______________________[Street Address]

______________________[City, State, Zip Code]

Dear ____________[Name]

Let me take this opportunity to personally thank you forchoosing our bank to handle your account. I know a greatamount of care goes into choosing a banker, and yourdecision reaffirms my belief in the old fashioned ways ofbanking. We believe our depositors enjoy the personalcontact they receive at each one of our branches.

Be assured that the personal banking concept enjoys ourgreatest commitment. We employ the latest technology incomputers, however, we will never abandon our personalcommitment to you, the customer, our greatest asset.

I hope you will investigate our trust services, and feelfree to use any of the many services we have designed tomake your banking experience as enjoyable andcomprehensive as possible.

I have enclosed our latest financial statement for yourreview, along with a descriptive brochure of the manyservices available to you.

If I may be of any help in the future, please feel freeto call upon this office.




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