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What is a Letter of Legal Agreement?

A letter of legal agreement is a formal document that outlines the terms and conditions of a legal agreement between two or more. This type of is used to document the agreement reached between parties and serves as a written record of the terms to which they have agreed.

A of legal agreement typically includes details such as the names of the parties, the purpose of the agreement, the specific terms and conditions, any deadlines, and milestones any other relevant information. This letter is often drafted by legal professionals to ensure that the agreement is legally binding and enforceable.

Letters of legal agreement are commonly in various used situations, such as business partnerships, contracts for services, rental agreements, and more. These letters help to clarify the rights and responsibilities of each party and provide a clear outline of what is expected from both sides.

In the event of a dispute or disagreement, a letter of legal agreement can serve as evidence of the terms to which the parties have previously agreed. It can help to resolve conflicts and provide a reference point for resolving any issues that may arise during the course of the agreement.

Overall, a letter of legal agreement is a crucial document that helps to formalize the terms of a legal agreement and protect the interests of all parties involved. It provides clarity and certainty in business dealings and helps to ensure that all parties are on the same page regarding their obligations and responsibilities.

A Free Letter of Legal Agreement

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__________________ [Agency], referred to as AGENCY and_________________[Client], referred to as CLIENT, agree:

AGENCY represents that it is properly licensed, bonded, with acapable and trained (if required) staff of collectors, and caneffect reasonable and lawful effects to collect accountsreceivable of CLIENT.

CLIENT shall provide to AGENCY, from time to time, accountsreceivable to collect. CLIENT represents that any accounts whichit turns over to AGENCY are legally due and owed. CLIENT shallprovide upon request to AGENCY source documentation for any andall accounts due, and, verification of any balance due.

AGENCY shall at all times conduct collection activity on behalf ofCLIENT in compliance with all lawful regulations and laws andshall hold CLIENT harmless from any claims related to unlawfulcollection activity. A periodic report of the status of allcollections shall be provided to CLIENT by AGENCY at least everymonth.

AGENCY shall receive a fee of 33 percent from all sums collectedon behalf of CLIENT. AGENCY may deduct from sums collected itsfee; however, all sums which are due to the CLIENT shall be heldin a separate trust account. In the event that a debtor returnsmerchandise, the value for the purposes of the agreement shall bethe net sales price received for the same, or if the merchandiseis accepted by CLIENT, 1/2 its wholesale value.

CLIENT shall be entitled to, either itself or through designatedagents, auditors and accountants, conduct audits of the books andrecords of AGENCY to verify accountings.

CLIENT shall be entitled to withdraw accounts once assigned fromAGENCY, however, if any collections are made as related to suchaccounts shall be reported to AGENCY, and the AGENCY fee paid. AGENCY shall be responsible for all expenses related to itscollection efforts, other than court costs and attorneys" fees, ifsuit is authorized, and expenditure is approved for court costsand attorney's fees. Any suit fees or court costs shall beapproved in writing prior to their expenditure.

Dated: _________________

____________________________________________________ [Agency]

____________________________________________________ [client]


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