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Email Spy Monitor

Email Spy Monitor spy software secretly monitors and records all emails opened in popular email clients like Microsoft Outlook and web based email such as Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo! Mail, iCloud Mail, AOL Mail, etc. It runs in a complete invisible mode. You can check all recorded messages and screenshots by simply receiving emails.

The re-check merchanism can ensure you get the whole super-large emails, and prevent you from getting the same message repeatedly. You can show all messages in Email Spy Monitor directly, export these messages to HTML files in a directory for later analysis, or send a report to your custom email address or FTP server. Everything will be recorded without being detected. It is especially useful for administrators or parents, who need to know what their employees or kids are care and talking about with others. Use your hotkey to unhide it from complete Stealth Mode and protect the program access by password. Uninstall it easily from the program interface.


Outlook Emails - Monitors and records all emails opened in popular email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, with time stamp, user names.

Webmails - Takes screenshots of popular web based email platforms, such as Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, iCloud Mail, etc.

Stealth mode: Email Spy Monitor runs absolutely invisibly under Windows systems and does not show in Windows task list. You can also choose to hide or unhide Email Spy Monitor icon and its uninstall entry.

Logs view: You can choose to view different type of logs from program main interface. You can delete selected logs or clear all logs, search logs or export logging reports in HTML format.

Task Schedule: You can set starting and ending time for each task to automatically start and stop the monitoring job.

Report Delivery: Sends logging reports in HTML format to an emailbox or a ftp server at set time intervals.

Easy-to-use Interface: You can change Email Spy Monitor settings on its control panel. User-friendly graphical program interface makes it easy for beginngers.

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Features Available?
Record emails in Microsoft Outlook Yes
Record web based emails, like Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, iCloud Mail Yes
Record Windows username Yes
Record real time of activities Yes
Support Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 Yes
Hide program installation folder Yes
Hide uninstall entry in Add/Remove Programs list Yes
Hide Start menu entry Yes
Hide program name in Windows Task Manager Yes
Hide program title on Taskbar Yes
Hide program window on desktop Yes
Easy step by step cofiguration wizard Yes
Monitoring task schedule Yes
Send logging report to an emailbox Yes
Upload report to FTP Yes
HTML format log Yes
Uninstall directly from program Yes
Remove program trace at uninstallation Yes
Logging records overview Yes
Activate from Stealth Mode by user defined hotkey Yes
Password protected program access Yes
Pause and resume monitoring manually Yes
Automatically monitor at program startup Yes
Automatically start at Windows startup Yes
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