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  • Log & Report

    Select What You Want To Log:

    Alpha-Numeric Keys: Logs all numeric keys and upper and lower case alphabetic keys, like "A" - "Z", "0" - "9", "+", "@"...

    Non Alpha-Numeric Keys: Logs all non numeric and alphabetic keys, like {Ctrl}, {Shift}, {F1}, {PgDn}...

    Screen Snapshot: Captures entire screen or active windows and save as jpg images on the computer. You can configure more screenshot settings on "Screenshot" Tab.

    Applications Run: Log the paths of all applications executed on this computer.

    File Usage: Logs files and documents copied, pasted, deleted, created, moved and renamed.*

    Clipboard Data: Logs all text contents copied to the Windows clipboard.

    Websites Visited: Logs the URLs of all visited websites.

    Web Searches: Logs the keywords of online searches performed in famous search engines.**

    Microphone: Records sound from microphone and save it as MP3 format audio files.*

    Connections: Records all TCP internet connections established with IP addresses and ports.**

    Outlook Emails: Records all incoming and outgoing emails in Office Outlook software.*

    Documents Opened: Records exact text data of documents opened in Notepad, Wordpad and Office Word.*

    Teams Chats: Records incoming and outgoing messages in Microsoft Teams app.**

    PC Usage: Logs the user's computer usage including idle time, user log in, log off, screen lock & unlock, etc.*

    Administrator: Logs the system administrator's control panel usage.

    * Available in standard edition or above only.

    ** Available in Pro edition only.

    Delete log records after report is generated:

    If you setup to send reports to your email or FTP, it is highly recommended to check this option to avoid duplicate data. The software will export log data to a HTML format report and save it on your hard disk before it is sent to your email / FTP. Check this option and log data that has already been sent won't be exported to new reports repeatedly.

    Delete generated report after it is delivered to E-mail or FTP:

    The software will export log data to a HTML format report and save it on your hard disk before it is sent to your email / FTP. You can either check this option to save hard disk space or to uncheck it to save generated reports for your reasons.
    Note: The option will delete the reports automatically generated for remote delivery only. It will NOT delete the reports you export manually by clicking on Export All Logs on the software's CP.