Skype Spy Monitor Pro User Manual
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  • Screenshot

    Capture screen every X seconds:

    This is how often you want to have screen shots recorded. The value ranges from 1 to 300 seconds. The default value is 3 seconds. The suggested value ranges from 1 to 5 seconds.

    Image Quality:

    Screenshots will be saved as JPG format on your hard disk. Image quality is how well you want the screenshot to be displayed. It is usually best to set the quality to a lower level (JPG Quality between 50-80%) to help reduce the file size and save disk space.

    Save maximum of X images on harddisk:

    Maximum captures for each user account. Older captures will be auto deleted to save disk space. For example, if you have three Windows user accounts setup in your OS, and the maximum caputres are 500, you will be able to have 1500 images stored on your hard disk drive.

    Stop screenshots when the computer is idle:

    This feature will halt your spy product from screen capturing if the machine is not in use. If the system is not in use for 1 minute, the monitoring system will pause screen capturing until the system is in use again. Tip: This feature is extremely useful when you have Screenshot logging function enabled. This will prevent an excessive amount of duplicate screenshots from being taken.