PDF2Image User Manual
  • Welcome To Use
  • Install PDF2Image
  • Understand The Interface
  • Understand The Interface

    The interface of PDF2Image is very neat and easy to understand. As you can see, it mainly contains three parts.


    The graphical buttons on the top line is called Navigation Bar.



    Add: Click Add button to select a PDF file or multiple PDF files from local fixed hard disk drive and add it to the file list box below Navigation Bar.

    Delete: Select a PDF file in file list and click Delete button to remove the item from the list.

    Clean: Remove all listed PDF files from the list.

    About: Open about window to get product version, visit product web page, get help from online support and upgrade product to Pro edition.

    Manual: Launch this online user manual that you are reading now.

    Website: Launch product web page.

    Upgrade: Upgrade PDF2Image free edition to Pro edition.



    The white box below is File List that will be holding the path of PDF files to be converted.

    The buttons arranged in a vertical line on the right of File List is Page Range. It defines the pages you want to convert.



    Format: The output image format, including JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP.

    Folder: The output directory of image files. It should be a directory your current user has write access to. It should not be a system folder.

    Scale: Select percentage 100% to 1000% for output image rescaling.

    Convert: The action button of starting / cancelling conversion.