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About the eMatrixSoft Affiliate Program

eMatrixSoft's affiliate program allows publishers, resellers, and web site owners to advertise eMatrixSoft products to their users and visitors, and earn up to 50%. Signup is simple and free, and you can spread the word about these fine products and earn commissions in the process.

What You Can Earn

eMatrixSoft products range in price from $39.99 to $59.99. Many users buy multiple products at a time, and since many users also order additional voices at the time of purchase, the average order size is over $50 per order. You will earn 50% on each order you enable through your advertising of eMatrixSoft Products.

Signing Up

Becoming a eMatrixSoft Affiliate is quick and easy. Our affiliate program is managed by RegNow, an established leader in software affiliate programs. To Get Started, simply Sign Up as a RegNow affiliate via https://www.regnow.com/signup/affiliate

After completing the signup, you will be emailed the affiliate account activation instructions. Activate your affiliate account as instructed in this email. You will then be sent login instructions. Log into your RegNow affiliate account.

Click the Relationships link on the left, and you will see eMatrixSoft listed as an Active relationship. Please NOTE the affiliate id given to you in the activation email from RegNow. This 5 digit affiliate ID will be used in URLs below to replace XXXXX in the URLs we provide.

If you already have a RegNow affiliate account, then please log into your Control Panel and find our programs in Product Finder. In Name Search field type our ID 13058-39 to join.

Start Selling

Below we provide links for each product, for direct purchase by your visitors as well as affiliate links that set tracking cookies on users computers to allow the users to visit our site for more info and demo downloads, and then still give you credit for the sale if they purchase later. In creating your advertisements for eMatrixSoft Products, you can find detailed text descriptions of the products on our site, or a variety of details in PAD XML files we provide for each product here:

>> Power Spy PAD File
>> Power Spy Lite PAD File
>> Skype Spy Monitor Pro PAD File

Finally, you will need the URLs used for BuyNow (giving users the chance to buy the product directly) and a URL for demo download or to get more info about the product before purchasing. These are provided below along with other details of each product below. (NOTE: Replace XXXXX with your affiliate ID):

Product Name: Power Spy
Price: $49.99
BuyNow URL: http://www.regnow.com/softsell/nph-softsell.cgi?item=13058-39&affiliate=XXXX

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